…Thank you…

To the exceptionally talented Trisha Garner, who designed the cover of SINNING ACROSS SPAIN. I’m told that she and the tireless but tasteful Cathy Smith at MUP worked their way through about ten iterations of it in order to reach the final version for which I am so grateful.

You can see the front cover in detail by clicking on CONTACT in the bar above, and while I don’t have the technosmarts to figure out how to upload the full back cover with text and other graphics, I can put the photo up here so you can see it in close-up.

And the photo credit? Yours truly!

Mind you, I’d hate to give the impression from the cover images that the road was all blue skies and sunshine. That would be too hilarious! So to prove there were other kinds of days, here is one more from my files…

I got a million of THEM!

But at least the rain stopped pelting so I could take that one.

Anyway, I’ve learned there are many more components to a physical book than I’d ever imagined.

So thank you Trish. I celebrate your gifts.


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