Can I ask a little advice?                      I don’t want to overload the Inboxes of subscribers, so this is a quick straw-poll to get a sense of how often you welcome a post. I’ve been writing something every week or so in the past couple of months, and would like to know if that is about right, or if you’d prefer fortnightly.

Most event news is now up on Facebook, so these posts are a chance to reflect more broadly, to share writing about things other than the book, and to engage in conversations with those of you who comment.

Any feedback would be most welcome.

By way of news, if you are an early riser and radio listener on Sunday mornings, a short monologue of mine will air on Australia All Over this Sunday, November 4th. It’s about the Gascoyne trip.

OK. That’s all.

No. That feels too bald, just an ask of you.

Here is an offering, sent to me by Sue Murray. A new poem. Short and very sweet. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. And thanks for you time and thoughts, as ever.


Below the surface stream

Matthew Arnold


Below the surface-stream, shallow and light,

Of what we say we feel—below the stream,

As light, of what we think we feel—there flows

With noiseless current strong, obscure and deep,

The central stream of what we feel indeed.

25 thoughts on “A quickie!

  1. Ailsa send your writings as often as you like
    I love them
    They are snatches of observations, reflections and happenings that I can relate too

  2. Hi Ailsa
    I love bloggers that are active when there is something to say. For instance I follow Lisa Meekison who is a infrequent poster but when she posts WOW.

    Cheers Harry

  3. Ailsa, have to say that I love reading your posts whenever they appear on my screen and am glad you send them when you have something interesting to share with us. I don’t count the weeks between them! Will certainly be listening to the radio on Sunday morning early as I am very interested in your report on the Gascoyne.

  4. I never notice how often these pieces arrive, Ailsa. I enjoy reading them whenever they come, so I’m no help at all! xxx

  5. Hi Ailsa,
    I enjoy your posts whenever you feel inspired to share your thoughts and experiences, and also forward them to grateful recipients when appropriate.

    Do you have any idea what time (between 5.30 and 10) your monologue might be aired by “Macca”?

  6. Alison

    Love every post – no matter how frequent. Though may not always respond. To-day at
    a family funeral – the grief on display with eulogies/memories – then the joy of catching with cousins – and their adult children – all forging wonderfully contributive lives within Australia and beyond! Sharing my spiritual sensitivity with those with a restrained yet fundamentalist understanding/belief – with connective points withal!

  7. I say write them whenever you feel inspired to share something,whether that be once a month,or five times a day…just go with the flow of your inner guidance.

  8. Ailsa, I agree with all the above comments.
    We all seem to love your writings, so you just post as often as you like. 🙂

  9. Hi Ailsa.
    I read the blig postings via your links on Facebook whenever I see them, so I agree with the previous comments – write when you feel like it, and I’ll find them when it suits me.

  10. Dear Joan, Harry, Bertina, Irene, Lindy, Darren, Julie and Lee,
    Group thanks! I’m writing collectively, but the gratitude is sincere and individual. The whole blogging thing is still relatively new for me, and I’m learning the etiquette. I love the sense of community that I feel when I send out a piece of writing, and also want to keep faith with my belief that a community deserves input – but I was concerned that subscribers would never feel they were being spammed or inundated. I know the irritation that can cause and it is the last thing I’d want to inflict on people who are generous enough to be interested in what I have to offer.
    So I’m very grateful, and will take on board all comments.

    And I’ve written to ask if I can get an idea of the timing of the monologue on Sunday. I’ll amend the blog post, and also put it on Facebook, should I find out.
    Thank you. Again. Always.

  11. Only blog am on, I dont need another as these are alaways a little momnet of joy to read. make them as often as you like. Almost as good as going for a walk(sorry)

  12. I love to read your posts as often as you have something to say. Putting a time /frequency restriction on your lovely and sparkling words seems so rude ; like telling a friend not to call too often!. Appreciate you asking, but from me, blog away……..

    1. Thanks so much Julie. That’s a truly lovely way for you to describe them – a call from a friend. I do think of my subscribers as my “village” and that is why I wanted to check that I was not intruding.
      Our roses are sensational in Melbourne just now. Brilliant weather with plenty of sun and rain in rotation. You’d love it, I think.

  13. Ailsa, I have rose envy. The rain thing is missing here in Queensland so probably that’s why mine are under achieving. I did however, give them a big dose of Neutrog rose food and a giant soak yesterday, so stand back! They might be bloomin’ marvellous in a few days.
    Meanwhile the frangipanis are on their way and the flowering jacarandas are sensational, so shouldn’t whinge. I must stop viewing my garden like my body, ie instead of concentrating on all the parts that look good, I angst over the faults and missing bits. Sigh.

    1. I love that analogy of the body and garden Julie. We’re so quick to see what isn’t! I am feeling quite fond of my body today because it carried me for several hours, across hill and dale, and we ended up at a Spanish conversation class under spreading elms. Not a bad day’s work!
      Frangipanis and jacarandas are the things you can gloat about to us southerners. They never cease to thrill me.
      Gardens. Like bodies, they keep on trying to give!

  14. There you go again, Ailsa; resetting my compass. Thanks for reminding me I should be fond of my body for what it does for me, ie carries me, supports me, helps me run for a train, ski down a mountain, climb a hill, delivers me the sensations of pleasure like swimming in the ocean, or warming by a fire, stroked by a lover; NOT how it looks, ie, how the muscles are toned, abs are flat, calves and butt are shapely etc ….

    I wrestle with this when I read health articles accompanied by illustrations of a svelte, airbrushed, photoshopped model … mixed message being: take care about the inside, but it’s the outside that’s important.
    That’s my Thursday begun.

    1. Great start to Thursday Julie!
      Who invented the airbrush I wonder? What a pointless thing it is.
      I saw a friend last night who has a pronounced scar on her face. When I look at it I rejoice – it is the badge that tells me she overcame cancer. I’d hate it to have been photo-shopped off her. It speaks of courage and resilience and survival.
      Give me the reality of the body any day!
      Thanks for making me remember that. My Thursday just got better too!

  15. Fortnightly messages would be great and I listened to the Gascoyne trip which I heard last Sunday on morning radio. Ian McNamara helps to make my Sunday morning. My yoga teacher finished reading Sinning across Spain and she loved it too. I’ll have to pass the book on.

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