Greetings from Bundanon!


When last I was here, at the height of summer 2014, the days were scorching. Now they are mild and the fields are Irish green.

Life is different in so many ways now – but one constant is my gratitude to Arthur Boyd and his family for the gift of this haven. There are four visual artists in nearby studios, and a musician up the hill. I think we’ve spoken for a total of fifteen minutes in the ten days I’ve been here. The deep silence works its magic and it has been a chance for me to stop and catch breath. I have gone to ground and applied myself, barely putting my head up for air.


And I have been able to work… 


Relief floods in…

This little missive is really just a quick hello from me and the wombats, as well as a heads-up to let you know that I was on Radio National’s Blueprint for Living, speaking to Sian Prior, author of the exquisite memoir Shy. We talked about my new home – pics and details in the next post if you keep scrolling down – in the Spirit of Place segment.

You can hear the podcast by clicking on that blue word that says “podcast”!

Wish you were here!


11 thoughts on “A postcard…

  1. Thanks so much Chris. It is an astounding place – layer upon layer of history and natural beauty. And somehow, space to dream.
    Hope life is grand with you.
    Much love,
    A xxxx

  2. Thank you for the Irish green POTENTIAL… on you and us, Ailsa!
    A great pleasure to read your postcard this morning!
    Wishing you a constant waves of reliefs in the resounding and powerful silence of your new home!
    Walking the journey with you!

    1. Dear Marie,
      Potential…now there is a great word. To feel it and to seize it. I think I will take it into my working day today. Thanks Marie.
      Lovely to have you beside me on the journey.
      A xx

  3. Ailsa, I listened to your podcast with great interest . It was so wonderful as I am preparing to travel to a four day Gathering with the Wellsprings Community(a group of people from a variety of beliefs who have visited Iona w and now form a network of friends and members . Next week the national gathering is in Ballarat and the Topic is Spirituality of Place! This time we are not bringing in people to speak but using the Open -space method of sharing. So good to hear you are settling in Sydney . It sounds a perfect place for you. With a vague hope we might just catch up one day!!!! I live in Melb. now but memories of the people and places near Boorowa are ever present.

  4. Dear Helen,
    How lovely to hear from you! The gathering next week sounds right up my alley – for me, spirit is almost always located in place, so I will be thinking of you and hoping the insights are nourishing and joyful.
    Sydney is feeling nourishing so far. I’m hoping to get back down to Melbourne before the year ends – still feel a bit nervous about it. But if I do, a coffee will most definitely be on the agenda. At last!
    Meantime, love and thoughts to you. x

  5. Hi Ailsa,

    Just heard you on James Valentine’s programme (with Dan Ilic). Congratulations on the save the South Head parkland campaign – for which ‘Parks are arks’ is an excellent slogan.

    I agree, parks are the lungs of a city and need to be preserved for our inspiration.

    Perhaps the wife of the Member for Wentworth might be persuaded to come on board – or at least do some behind-the-scenes advocacy ;-} .

    May you continue to choose Life. You are a treasure.


    1. Hi Lindy!
      Gosh, long time no “speak”. Thanks so much for writing, and for your affirmation of the cause. I am gobsmacked that such a thing could be mooted in that tiny sliver of precious parkland. Trying to hold the line!
      Hope this finds you well as well.

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