The season turned, before our eyes.

Time keeps on passing me by.

And standing very still.

One month from today, SINNING ACROSS SPAIN will be in the shops.

On that day, it will be two years since I began the journey.

April Fool’s Day.

Our whirling world seems to enjoy a coincidence. Or maybe we make them happen. But really. Really! I didn’t get to choose the publication date. It chose me.

Maybe the day of fools will keep on choosing me.

I hope so. Wisdom feels like a bridge too far.

Or a bridge to be crossed while turtles gaze up from under! Undoubtedly, they were saying “There goes a fool” as I picked my way over the torrent, on my first day of walking.

Yep. That’s a fool, the turtles said.

Happy fool.

And a happy, autumnal, almost-fool day to you.

See you in a month, I hope.


Oh, I forgot. The subscription thing has altered. It’s easier now, thanks to Carl of the webbery mastery. You can choose between the buttons on the right, and one of them will definitely work for you. So you can be automatically updated as the book approaches.

Yikes! That was a skipped heartbeat!

2 thoughts on “Autumnal ponderings…

  1. Ailsa,

    An ungodly hour to be on the keyboard, but have started reading in bed, your “Sinning Across Spain” for our bookclub discussion next week and it has my head spinning. So much to ruminate on, and have already made copious notes and only up to page 75. I have a similar sense of fear and uncertainty about something I want to do, so felt keenly your anxiety morphing from excitement, when you were preparing and on the cusp of your walk, but it seemed a trepidation and insecurity was sapping your will. Your courage and spirit are obvious ( your duende) and wonderful and pushing me to shrug off my reticence about going after my dream. I dare not unpick too many of my sins. Catholic guilt has long left me, but I do feel almost daily disappointment in myself.What is that? Interesting reflections on introvert/extroverts. I have always felt I am the latter as people mainly energise and nourish me.But I also love the solitude of gardening and reading and writing. Perhaps we are a mix. Looking forward to reading more of “Sinning”, but might have to be tomorrow, or I will be haggard in the morning.

  2. Hi Julie,
    That push-me-pull-you sense of duality about ourselves, whether about extroversion/introversion, or about expectations, or about the rightness of actions…it is tricky. I still battle with expectations, as many do, I think – and often all they can give us are recriminations. Yet we need them, or something like them, to push us out into the world and try to live bigger.
    I hope that the book continues to yield surprises and interest, but I also hope there are moments of solace. Thanks to you and your book group for choosing Sinning. One book club decided that they would all volunteer a sin to each other, and I gather it had very happy effects for them all!
    Now get some sleep!

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