I’m at the desk, hunkered down, feeling less than inspired. It’s cold outside and the trails are not kind.
Slippery, and not conducive to flight.
So I go inside and sit, looking at the screen.
And wait.
Louise, my dear friend and fellow walker, sent me this quote. I thought you might take solace from it, as I do.
You do not need to leave your room………
Remain sitting at your table and listen.
Do not even listen,simply wait.
Do not even wait,be quite still and solitary.
The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked.
It has no choice.
It will roll in ecstasy at your feet.
Franz Kafka.
I hope inspiration breaks through from behind the clouds for you.
Thanks to all who braved the chills to come along to Saturday’s Bayside Literary Festival conversation. That inspired…
Info and pics for that and other events are over at the Facebook page. Click on the little Facebook symbol on the top right to get over there.
Keep warm.
Keep walking.
On, on…

4 thoughts on “Leaving The Room

  1. I was so moved by the words. Glad you were too. And when you think what worlds Kafka evoked, it is a fantastic affirmation of sitting still! You will have to try it one day, traveller!

  2. I walked with you step by step, page by page, reflecting on my own sins along the way. Thank you for the tears, laughter, wisdom, but mostly for penning your journey for us to travel as well, what a journey we shared! With blessings & gratitude Tory x

    1. What a wonderful start to my day Tory. Thanks so much for your kind words, and for the generosity of your response. It means so much to me that the story can be received with such pleasure.

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